The last of Us - BRADYGAMES Stratagy Guide

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Searching for Hope

A modern plague has changed civilization as we know it. Twenty years later abandoned cities have been reclaimed by nature and the human population has been decimated. Joel and Ellie must work together to survive their journey across the United States.

Complete Walkthrough
We lead you step-by-step through the entire story from start to finish, so you can find every collectible and earn every trophy to achieve 100% completion.

Highly Detailed Single-Player and Multiplayer Maps
Our maps pinpoint critical locations in every area. Find each and every collectible and gather important crafting materials.

Multiplayer Coverage
Expert tactics for every single aspect of multiplayer game play.

Items, Enemies, and More!
Learn about every item that Joel and Ellie will use for survival, the enemies that they will face on their travels, and the upgrades and recipes to enhance abilities and create new weapons. It’s all in this guide!

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